Innovate to Create a New Market


Innovate to Create a New Market

There is a constant desire in all of us to Innovate. In fact, we need to Innovate in order to survive and thrive in the highly competitive global marketplace. This is also true for governments; they must continually innovate and be creative in addressing issues that face their nation. Many times we find our leaders stating that they will find a better way to deal with an issue or find another way to solve a problem. It is amazing how many times we are required to innovate and then finding ways to do it and make it work. Here are some Innovate examples.

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Eco-innovation refers to the use of plant foods, plant cells, animal cells and components in order to create products or solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is often stated by many business leaders that companies need to adopt or at the very least start implementing an eco-innovation strategy in order to stay ahead of competitors. The first companies that used this strategy were the first companies to find crops that could yield food. They then used those crops as the basis for creating crops that could grow in other places.

These first companies paved the way for today’s innovative business leaders. In fact, you may have heard the term “Eco-opoly” during your schooling. Now, what that means is that there are too many corporate giants in the marketplace and they are monopolizing important resources that should be available to consumers. This is why we hear so much about product innovation. The problem is that many think that eco-innovation is not possible because it will cost too much money.

Many think that it is too expensive to develop new eco-innovative solutions. However, there are many tools available that allow for the development of new solutions without having to spend a fortune on R&D. All that it takes is creativity. If a corporation or a company can come up with a new or improved method of doing things then they are more than capable of attempting eco-innovation.

One great example of how new ideas can be implemented in business is through the concept of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is when a group of people from the same or different industry can pool their ideas together and present their ideas to the market. In order to get the job done a group of people needs to provide their idea and then they must select a company or an individual that can create a feasible solution to the problem. After the process is complete the group gets a reward or monetary reimbursement for their idea. If a new marketer or innovator could utilize this strategy then they would have a better chance of being noticed by bigger or more prestigious companies that may be looking for something new to do.

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