Meaning Of The Word Gadget


Meaning Of The Word Gadget

A gadget is generally any novel, technological item or even a mechanical instrument. Gadgets can be called either gizmos or hobbies. They were very significant in present times and are getting popular day by day. In present times there is a huge variety of gadgets available in the market like digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, mobile phones, iPods, watches and many more.

Every gadget has its own specialty and has a unique feature. The new gadgets are developed every now and then, which makes the gadget very much popular. The hi-tech gadget has become very popular nowadays. People are no more reluctant to buy a particular gadget and instead prefer buying a generic type of gadget to give it a personalized look.

A very common gadget among all is the small tool which can be used to do many small functions such as screw drivers, hammers and other such small tools. We often think that these tools are only for the professionals but the fact is they are also useful for the housewives and kids as well. A small tool can be bought from the market at a reasonable price and it can perform multiple functions. These types of gadgets are not always expensive. A branded tool can often be expensive, while a generic tool may cost you less.

A very unique and popular gadget amongst the children is the Nintendo toy. It can perform various activities and can even sing and dance. This kind of a gadget is very popular with boys. Girls are often thought to buy a small tool for cleaning their room but actually a little widget can do the job just as well. The widget can perform some very small functions such as drying, defrosting and cleaning ovens etc.

A very old but still very much famous gadget is the transistor radio. This small but very useful and stylish gadget was first used in 1950. When we talk about this particular gadget then we are actually talking about the radio which is the first used technological item whose exact name is transistor radio. Due to the invention of this amazing device, there was an evolution in the field of radios and other technical items whose names got modified as well. Due to the presence of radio in our lives, the meaning of the word gadget changed from machine to man.

A very interesting but also very simple gadget are the Gag Chette. It is a very small yet very sharp needle used to prick your fingers in order to draw blood. This sharp needle has been used since the time immemorial and its name means essentially blood sucking. In short, this needle was used to prick your finger in order to draw blood. This kind of a gadget can also be found in various Indian and Asian countries.

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