The Lack of Respect for Tech

What exactly does “Tech” mean? Technological change is a general term that covers many sciences, including computer science, engineering, math, physics, and computer technology. In laymen’s terms, tech is just about anything that can be done with technology. It isn’t just a bunch of words thrown together. Technology is the total sum of various human skills, techniques, and methods used in the creation of products or services, specifically in the achievement of specific goals, for example scientific research or military action.

We’ve all been around the block where someone throws a new technology at us and says, “You never thought of that, but it’s so cool.” This is especially true in today’s world, when many of the most cutting edge technologies have been around for decades. Still, the occasional person doesn’t get it, doesn’t take the time to really explain what it is, and therefore doesn’t get very excited about it. Often, they just look at it and say, “Cool,” without ever really exploring its practical uses or seeing if it has any downsides.

The word “tech” was actually coined by Richard exposition Gardner in his book The Elements of Style. According to Gardner, the “technical” in “tech” should not be taken literally, since it often means almost the same thing as “toy,” as in toy computers or toys that children play with. The use of the word “tech” is sometimes used to contrast new, supposedly “modern technology” with older forms of technology, which in turn has become what is called “antiquated.” This is quite a controversial subject in scientific circles, as some feel that the phrase must apply only to things invented within the past century or so. There is also some controversy over whether tech refers to new inventions like automobiles, television, and radio, or to the entire field of technology itself.

Some might say that the real issue is whether or not there’s too much of a difference between what science and technology call “tech” and what language refers to. For instance, when someone says, “They did not invent the teletubbies,” they are being accused of making a false comparison. The fact is that both words are technically valid. In reality, though, it’s probably better to say that dinosaurs didn’t “invent” fire, because in reality the fire did in fact find its way into prehistoric man’s cave. In either case, the argument over which came first is a point of great contention, one that will likely continue as technology continues to advance.

While it might seem strange to modern eyes, there was a time when people didn’t pay much attention to technology, at least in terms of how it was being used. The result was that many of the world’s important inventions were lost, ignored, or misused, as people did not see the importance of them. This has resulted in a wide-spread lack of understanding of technology among most people, resulting in an overall inability to effectively use it. In short, we are stuck in a vicious cycle where the poor understand the importance of tech, while rich and powerful others do understand its value.

One thing that we can all do to ensure the success of tech-related endeavors is to be sure that we recognize and respect technology whenever we encounter it. When we meet someone who uses a particular technology, for example, we should ask questions about it. We should learn what it is, how it works, and why it is being used. Not only does this help to make the user comfortable, it helps to demonstrate respect for the technology. When we can be clear on what is important with respect to a technology, we greatly increase the odds that we will use it and that it will have positive results for us.

By admin
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