What Is a Gadget?

A gadget is anything innovative or a man-made device that is used mainly for the purpose of executing some specified tasks or for displaying some related information. Gadgets can also be called as gizmos. There are many different kinds of gadgets available in the market today which all serve different purposes. Some of these gadgets are so useful that they have become a part of our lives and we cannot do without them at any cost.

So how do we decide what a particular gadget is? The very first definition that will come into our mind when we hear the word gadget is any small tool that can make our work easier, faster or simpler. So small tools are one of the major categories under the term gadget. The other major sub-divisions under the term gadget are manual gadgets, electronic gadgets, cell phones and MP3 players.

As the name suggests, the hand held small tools are the ideal gadgets for a common man. Such hand held devices often times function with the push of a button and they are easy to use. They are often thought to be less sophisticated than the electronic gizmo but that’s not true because their benefits are immense and far reaching compared to a simple hand held gadget. Handheld gadgets like the push button radio, calculator and flashlight are considered to be great and essential implements for the everyday workman.

The other sub-division under the term gadget is electronic gadgets. Gadgets from this sub-division are generally manufactured in some advanced technologies and can perform many tasks just like an electronic gadget. For example, a hand held laser pointer, audio gadget and a video gadget are all considered to fall under the category of electronic gadgets. These gadgets are designed to perform some pre-set tasks and hence are considered as a necessary implement for the working class. They are often considered to be a handy item that can help out in the day to day tasks easily.

The third sub-division of the gadget world is the gadget of the small tools. These gadgets are generally more sophisticated and innovative than the electronic gadgets. They are generally made up of precious or semiprecious stones, wood or metals in their design and functionality. They are widely used by the professionals because of their utility features and because of their professional appearance. A small tool may be useful to its user, but if it does not look good and perform efficiently then its utility and usefulness are useless.

In the last three decades the term gadget has been used increasingly. It covers a wide range of electronic and non-electronic products. People often consider a gadget as a cell phone, MP3 player, a computer, a television, a binocular or a hand held camera when talking about gadgets. Now a day every body of people from students to the housewives to the retired people are gadget freaks. They are so much interested about new gadgets that sometimes they end up buying them without even thinking about its functionality and utility.

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